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Share the Harvest

Learn how extra produce from your backyard garden can help in the fight against hunger in York County (more..)

Band together against Cankerworms

Rock Hill has an infestation of an inchworm known as cankerworms.  There are 2 species of cankerworms, and we have both of them (more..)               


Aerating Lawns

Homeowners often overlook problems associated with soil compaction. Insects, diseases (more..)
Planting Shrubs Correctly

The very best time of year to plant, in terms of root growth and plant establishment, is during the fall. Unlike the tops of (more..)
Spring Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and crocus are some of the earliest flowers to appear in gardens each year, some (more..)
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